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Thank you for your support of the LA Chapter of the 99s.



We invite you to contribute to the Los Angeles Ninety-Nines’ mission to protect, preserve and restore our Santa Monica Airport Compass Rose by generously donating to the 99s of the Los Angeles Area, Inc.’s Compass Rose Project.

The International Ninety-Nines’ Compass Rose logo and monogram was designed by Los Angeles chapter member Wilma Fritschey in 1939, and is still used today. Santa Monica Airport’s Compass Rose is a directional piece of navigation used by pilots with both historical and functional significance. We are raising money in support of both roles.

Help us meet our 2018 Compass Rose Preservation Fundraising Goal to keep it a part of aviation history and a piece of functional art by donating now.

SMO compass rose
LA 99s Chapter Members pose on the Compass Rose at KSMO

Donations may be tax-deductible and directly support our general operations, scholarships, compass rose, education, legal, historian and flying activities.

Our chapter promotes growth and learning for women in aviation in the Los Angeles area through outstanding education, scholarship and mutual support programs. Based at the Santa Monica Airport, we are growing rapidly with 25 active members bonding through our passion for flight and letting our spirits soar.

Join the flight! We thank you in advance for your support of our ability to foster the growth of women in aviation in the community. For news and information about upcoming events, to join our mailing list to volunteer, visit or email